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Vertical Resources, Inc.
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About Us

At Vertical Resources we understand that success and flexibility are complimentary. Since our inception, we have delivered solutions that have helped our clients cost effectively meet their objectives by understanding their market, the current economic environment and how they process their information.

Our client list is composed of varied sized organizations in the pharmaceutical, health care, insurance, technology, government and manufacturing sectors. The validation of our continued success is exemplified by these clients positive referrals!

Our employee’s backgrounds are quite diverse yet they all have one common bond: a passion for our client’s success. Vertical Resources dedication to career and personal growth has enabled us to structure teams who bring our clients one of the highest levels of business, industry and technology expertise.

Times are changing and with that so is the way we share information. This change in information flow, coupled with the challenges of world financial markets, is leading companies to evaluate their organizations, employee responsibilities, and business models.

Successful organizations have already recognized that collaboration is one of the new ingredients which can position companies to successfully compete in the new millennium.

At Vertical Resources we have continued to adapt our business model to the changing times. Our mission is to continue our success by effectively supporting our clients with their transition toward a more collaborative environment.