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Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

You, as a manager, are experiencing an increasing amount of shocks to your company‚Äôs operations from environmental, infrastructure, regulatory, security events–and the list goes on. Yet, growing and operating your business means not only anticipating, but also being able to effectively respond when such disruptions occur. After all, such events threaten not only your organizational strategy, but can threaten your viability as an enterprise. Maintaining your continuity is our expertise.

Disruptions, by nature, have an impact on your revenue, reputation, regulatory compliance, strategy and, most basically, your ability to continue to operate. Fundamentally, your goal is to run your company in order to realize its potential while handling the inevitable threats and impacts without your clients, shareholders, and the public being concerned about doing business with you. The ability of your company to respond competently, seamlessly, and expeditiously is crucial to its success and reputation. This is the goal of a comprehensive, effective, yet practical Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) plan.

VRI works with complex organizations of all sizes and industry sectors on all aspects of crisis management and business continuity operations. Our depth of experience in crisis management and business continuity planning makes us an optimal partner throughout from planning through implementation, exercising, training, and maintenance.

What we can do for you

VRI can help your firm prepare for and effectively respond to the worst business interruptions. Having robust crisis management and business continuity plans will make the difference in how fast your company can recover, as well as reducing the chance that your outage leaks to the public. VRI professionals are industry tested, certified, and have the experience to develop the plans you will rely on to mitigate risks to your customers and employees, and, ultimately, to your bottom line.